Mysore Dasara - Travel tips you really should know

Mysore Dasara 2013 is scheduled from 5th October to 14th of October 2013, it is this time of the year on which travelers from around the world flock in to experience the mesmerizing events that unfold over 10 days.

It is good to know the following tips from a localite like myself to make your stay comfortable. 

so here we go..

  • Book your travel tickets well in advance to avoid disappointments. Here is a good article to Improve your Chances of Getting a Train Ticket on the IRCTC Website
  • Keep important telephone numbers handy, always good to write it down. Dasara Helpline Phone Number 0821 - 2423800
  • If you are staying at a hotel or homestay in Mysore don't forget to inform your host where you are going to and a tentative time of your return.
  • Its always good to carry a printed copy of the city map.
  • You can always ask for help from a reputed shop owner rather than a stranger.
  • Its good to know few regularly used words in local language Kannada
    • Namaskara means Hello
    • Yesthu? means How Much?
    • Beda means No or Don't want
    • saakhu means enough (specially used while someone serves you food)
    • Yellide? means where is..? Ex: Mysore Palace Yellide?
    • Yesthu Doora Ide means How far is.. Ex: Mysore Palace yesthu doora ide?
  • If you are visiting Mysore city area, It is always good to travel in an Auto or on foot on peak days of the festival i.e., 13th and 14th Oct to avoid parking problems.
  • Ladies need to cover themselves well to avoid uninvited attention from strangers and avoid walking into tight crowds.
  • Its always good to wear shoes rather than sandals as they can be easily lost in crowded places.
  • while visiting temples leave your footwear at the designated footwear stocking shacks and obtain a ticket/token - you can also leave your footwear in your car if you are sure of visiting the holy places.
  • Keep change of lower denominations handy as it will help you negotiate for things you buy.
  • If you are buying handycrafts or silk sarees make sure you buy from Government / Tourism department approved outlets to avoid imitations.
  • Most of the temples in Mysore will have a special entrance ticket to avoid long queues - look for them.
  • Its good to hire a local guide to fully understand the history and heritage of the places you visit. - Try Royal Mysore Walks - they have an array of guided tours on offer.