Elements of a Good Yoga Website

Mysore has turned into a Capital city for Yoga. Many yoga practitioners (Yogis) from various countries with various cultures and languages visit Mysore to learn Yoga. Some stay for a short time and few for a longer time, some have even made Mysore their home away from home. 

Having worked with several yoga and wellness practitioners for over a decade now, I have figured some important points to note while designing a yoga website.

  1. First and foremost thing choosing a good domain name for your yoga shala
  2. Choose a reliable Hosting service provider
  3. Plan your website - create a website map
  4. Choose on which platform to develop - static html, wordpress, Drupal .?
  5. Make your website responsive
  6. Get a photo shoot done - a good picture talks more
  7. Hire a copywriter - keep in mind that the content you write for the website should be easy for people to understand. Remember content is the king when it comes to search engine optimisation.
  8. Create a social media presence plan - Create Business accounts/pages on Facebook, linkedin, Twitter, Youtube channel, Google Plus Business page etc.,
  9. Invest on online advertising like Adwords - with which you can target and advertise your prospective yoga students geographically.
  10. Keep your website content uptodate with fresh content.
  11. Write a Blog.

Tentative sitemap of a Yoga Shala

  1. Elegant homepage with the Yoga Teacher in Highlight - preferably with students
  2. About the yoga Studio
  3. Classes offered with details like Start and end dates, no. of students admitted, link to an online application form, enquiry form
  4. Frequently asked questions
  5. Location of the yoga shala or studio
  6. Testimonials from past students - specially a video testimonial will be nice.
  7. Important phone numbers to contact along with a local time being displayed online
  8. Contact details with google location map
  9. Integration of Google Analytics to view reports on your website visitors
  10. Social Media Presense : Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Google+ etc.,

Some of the Yoga websites we have designed:

If you need any support in designing your website drop us a mail on office@webnock.com or call us on 09731312090, we'll be glad to help you with your yoga website. 

You can also talk to Prashanth on skype ID: prashmys1