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Elements of a Good Yoga Website

Mysore has turned into a Capital city for Yoga. Many yoga practitioners (Yogis) from various countries with various cultures and languages visit Mysore to learn Yoga. Some stay for a short time and few for a longer time, some have even made Mysore their home away from home. 

Having worked with several yoga and wellness practitioners for over a decade now, I have figured some important points to note while designing a yoga website.

Inauguration of New JSS Multi-speciality Hospital, Mysore

The heritage city Mysore is all set to welcome President of India Pranab Mukherji who will be inaugurating state's biggest state-of-art multi-speciality 1800 beded JSS Hospital on September 23 which is estimated to be bulit at the cost of 450 crores. Could this be a gift to mysoreans for this dasara? For more details follow this link

Useful links to other JSS Websites:

Introducing SmartSchool and Exam Guru

We are happy to introduce SmartSchool Tutor and Exam Guru. The SmartSchool Tutor consists of digital content offering in 3D/2D animated format supported by robust assessment software along with an internet driven e-Learning application tailor made for Indian schools. The education content is strictly mapped to school curriculum and has been designed as per the needs of the Indian students. The tutor application comes packaged either in an USB or a SD card

Upgrading Drupal 7.x to Drupal 7.16

Drupal Announced its release of Drupal 7.16 Core update maintenance release on 17th Oct 2012. This upgradation is strongly recommended as it addresses the 'Arbitrary PHP code execution'. There are no new features or non-security-related bug fixes in this release.

Versions affected: Drupal core 7.x versions prior to 7.16, Drupal 6 is not affected.

Check out this link for step by step process to upgrade your Drupal installation

Investing on a website

I meet several prospective clients every day. Every client I meet are unique, they have different ways of anticipating business online. There is a thin line between people who decide to invest on a website and the once who keep deciding whether to invest or not.

I have seen people who were once apprehensive in getting a website designed are the once who now cannot live without it. Infact their website has now become one of the main source for generating business online.